Our Design Process

July 6, 2017
Author: Greg Stark

Our Design Process.


Here at Weitzman Furniture we take pride in our custom made furniture and this project is a perfect example of our process. Recently a customer of ours approached us with a project for their office in Chicago.

They wanted two pieces, a desk and credenza. Both pieces had to serve a utilitarian purpose as office furniture, but also had to be beautiful enough for home use. The client intends to use these pieces in a home setting in the future.

Our client had seen this piece above we did for a customer. They wanted to modify the design and make it their own which included squaring off the ends and making some changes in materials and size. As for the desk, they liked a previous design we did in their other office and asked us to modify it.

The desk and credenza both went through several renditions before finding our final designs.
The final products feature a brown ribbon sapeli and silver detailing. The desk features a leather top and pull drawers and the credenza features a granite top.

After the final drawings have been signed off by our client we send them off to our skilled in-house craftsmen. Who will build and finish our custom pieces.

Final Product renders.

     Desk close up detail

Credenza close up

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