The Weitzman Furniture Collection

We at Weitzman Furniture are passionate about creating beautiful pieces of High End Custom Furniture. We design and make unique and beautiful custom furniture for customers throughout America and all across the world. View our extensive collection of handbuilt work catalogged above. Our design team is more than happy to modify an existing piece in any way to get exactly what your looking for. You name the dimensions, wood species/materials, color/type of finish. We provide drawings and finish samples to all of our clients before construction begins, we can also match a sample you provide.

Craftsmanship Standards
Weitzman furniture is Made in Chicago by the hands of highly skilled woodworkers, finishers, and metal workers.  Our Custom Made Upholstered Furniture is also hand crafted and made in Chicago.




Contemporary Furniture Design

We work mainly with other design professionals and are more than happy to work out an idea you may have, build off a cocnept sketch, or start completely from scratch with a fresh design. No style restrictions. Our designers will work with you and provide suggestions to realize your vision. By providing precise drawings & 3D renderings to all of our clients, they can see the piece come to life. We then typically work through multiple iterations until we find exactly what our clients are looking for before proceeding with fabrication.