Selecting a piece of furniture from Lee Weitzman is like choosing a piece of art. I love the sculptural designs and exotic finishes available. I also love working with Lee on custom designs to create one of a kind pieces for clients who appreciate the quality and sophisticated style of Lee Weitzman Furniture."
— Kaki Hockersmith
Kaki Hockersmith Interiors
I've known Lee Weitzman since I started in this business in 1989. One reason we continue to use Lee Weitzman Furniture is that he's always open to creating something outside of his own designs that incorporates other influences. He's a terrific collaborator. And, his quality is always there. From the detailing, finish, and longevity to the overall appearance – Lee Weitzman always delivers."
— David Kaufman
Kaufman Segal Design
Working with Lee Weitzman Furniture is a delight all the way around. [Lee] and his staff are very responsive and cooperative on all fronts — from providing drawings to the finished product. As an example, we wanted a custom mirror to match one of Lee Weitzman's beds. Lee worked up several designs and sizes for a brand new mirror to go with the bed, and ended up creating a one-of-a-kind, exquisite mirror. My client was super pleased. When that happens, I'm very happy."
— Barbara Pallat
Barbara Pallat Interiors
We would like to take a moment to express what a pleasure it has been over the last year to work with you. We were deeply impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail. Always at the ready for a solution to any problem that arose, your assistance was invaluable to us during the process. It was a great enjoyment to work with you."
— Frances de La Barre
Preston T. Phillips Architecte
For years I have been working with Lee Weitzman's wonderful designs. Every piece I've ever received from him for my clients has made them very happy. I love working with him because he's unique in the sense that he really does what he says he's going to do. I wouldn't hesitate to do anything that he designs."
— Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers Interiors
I once read, that you can't go home again. I bought into that notion until I saw Lee Weitzman's genius. I immediately filled up my house with his creations. Ever since then, not only do I like to be at home, but I find it near impossible to ever want to leave."
— Richard Lewis
Celebrity Comedian
We have worked with Lee Weitzman on a number of projects; his furniture is so elegant it elevates whatever environment or room it's put in. However, what really separates Weitzman from other furniture designers we've worked with is his commitment to perfection: without being asked he has redone things, when we thought what he considered to be a "flaw" was practically imperceptible. Now, that's the kind of guy you want on your team"
— Peter Miller
Peter Miller Gallery